Bryton Rider 410

$189.99 Regular Price
$139.99Sale Price
Packed full of features that are simple to use the Rider410 computer offers great functions for training at an entry-level computer price
Absolute precision is capable with this model due to full GNSS support which enables the computer to use various available satellite systems allowing faster start up and more accurate readings
Built with an easy to read 2.3” display the Rider 410 shows you 8 windows of cycling data per page which is fully customizable. This can be done using the Bryton App on your phone as well and Notifies you whenever you receive phone calls, emails or text messages after pairing it with your smart phone via BLE
Tracks can be automatically synced to STRAVA, Taining Peaks, and Selfloops making it easy for you to share and compete with millions and is Compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, and power meters for advance training
410E model includes computer head and standard o-ring mount